Gennaro Gagliano, fl.c. 1740–c. 1780

本資料庫收藏: Violin (1750)

Gennaro Gagliano was a renowned luthier during the 18th century in Naples, and was from the second generation of the Gagliano family. He was Alessandro Gagliano’s second eldest son, and is considered the most talented luthier of the entire Gagliano family. Gennaro was an extraordinarily sensitive luthier, and he had a keen sense of technique. His concepts about making instruments were not that far behind the most outstanding luthiers of Cremona. Although Antonio Stradivari greatly influenced him, most of his instruments follow the Amati style. The front plates are made of old pine wood, while the varnish is brown and the name Amati is written on the labels. Both Gennaro and his brother Nicola made wonderful cellos, and at the same time they established the strict standards of the Naples school.

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