Antonio Ungarini, 1696-1771

Ungarini was born in Fabriano. Being a luthier in the region of Marche, he was an apprentice of Antonio Stradivari in Stradivari’s early days, of which the style Ungarini was highly similar with.

Giacomo Filippo Cordano, 1750-1780

Giacomo Filippo Cordano (1750-1780) used Amati, Francesco Rogeri models, and he carved his f-holes similar to the way Jacob Stainer carved them. The timbre of his instruments surpasses even Amati himself. The purfling is placed very close to the edge of the instrument. The scrolls are relatively big and of a very high quality. Cordano’s instruments have gorgeous varnishes, and are usually yellow or brownish yellow.

Ludovico Rastelli, 1801-1878

Ludovico Rastelli (1801-1878) was born in Alessandria. There is not any detailed information concerning the early years during which he developed his career there. From the hand-written information found inside his instruments, it is known that he lived in Genoa in 1835. He usually used golden yellow and reddish brown varnishes.