Alessandro Mezzadri, 1690-1734

Alessandro Mezzadri was a music-talented luthier who was also a violinist, organist, and a singer simultaneously. He also assisted in Giovanni Tononi’s career in Ferrara, and obtained patronage from local aristocrats. Works of Mezzadri appeared a strong prefer to the Amati School. He often used orange-red or golden brown varnish, and the sounds of his works are often full of elegance but sometimes too fragile.

Antonio Casini, 1630-1690

Casini worked for Duke in Modena, and his best works were in Amati style. Other works accepted the model of Francesco Ruggeri (c. 1620-1698). Today, Casini’s works are popular to collectors and connoisseurs. His choice of wood did not request the quality. Varnish from golden red, golden brown, to reddish brown of varying shades. The sound is mellow and penetrating despite the lack of richness.

Giovanni Cavani, 1851-1936

Giovanni Cavani was a student of Antonio Sgarbi(1866-1905), and he developed his violin making career in Spilamberto. Cavani’s works had a longer and slightly thinner body size, dark red varnish, and good sonority.

Giuseppe Marconcini, 1774-1841

Being the student of Lorenzo Storini(1751-1802), Marconcini was one of the important luthiers in Ferrara after Alessandro Mezzadri. Marconcini’s violins present beautiful sounds.

Ettore Soffritti, 1877-1928

Ettore Soffritti was one of the essential luthiers in Italy, and he left behind a large number of students and followers. Ettore Soffritti learned his violin making technique from his father Luigi Soffritti. He established his own workshop while being only fifteen years old, and joined many competitions simultaneously. The First awards in Ferrara and Brussels in 1910 and in Turin in 1911 all brought him great fame, making his workshop really renowned in the music society. Ettore used excellent wood and gained inspiration from the model of Giuseppe Marconcini. He used beautiful varnish from yellow-orange to reddish brown over a yellow ground layer. The sonority is excellent.

Luigi Soffritti, 1860-1896

易吉.索弗利堤 (Luigi Soffritti, 1860-1896 ) 1877年至1928年間於菲拉拉(Ferrara)工作。他所製作的提琴輪廓製作精美,琴身弧度較平整。提琴底部太寬,所以有些提琴演奏家並不喜愛使用他的樂器。提琴腰身的紋路偏寬。漆色為金棕色。索弗利堤家族擅於模仿朱塞佩‧馬康奇尼(Giuseppe Marconcini, 1774-1841)的琴。兒子艾托爾.索弗利堤(Ettore Soffretti, 1877-1928) 也是一位優秀的製琴家。