Joseph Knitl, 1756-1795

Joseph Knitl (1756-1795) was a great luthier in the Mittenwald area who was active between 1756 and 1795. His works are well-defined, elegant, and display an obvious Kloz influence. The arches are quite prominent while the plates have attractive edges. The varnishes have a transparent quality and are very high-quality. He enjoyed using brownish yellow varnishes. Knitl typically signed his name on the back of his violins.

Franz Simon, 1757-c. 1804

Franz Simon (1757-c.1804) was born in Mittenwald, and made instruments in Salzburg from 1780 until 1803. He was an important figure in passing on the techniques of Metenwald luthiers to Salzburg. Simon followed the Kloz tradition, and combined it with Stainer’s and Amati’s styles. The quality of wood he used for the faces of his violins is superior, and the backs are usually single pieces with flames. The quality of his varnishes is phenomenal, and they are usually golden or brownish yellow with a hint of red. The timbre is beautifully rich and mellow.